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3/8 2019

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Photos of the month - July and August 2019
Here are one or more photos that I have found in my archives


Insulation of our house 1979

Except for one week, when we were in Grisslehamn, we worked together from 7.30 AM to 9 PM every day during 16 June to 5 August. That gives around 1 000 hours for us together. We were lucky to have Tiius mother taking care of our cildren most of that time, when she was doing kitchen work at a childrens camp. During autumn we worked another 700 hours together.

We bought material to build our own scaffold.

New wooden cover of the house.

7 cm thick Insulation.

It was a lot och woodworking

The attic got new windows

Tiius brother, Eero, helped us.

An extra door to the cellar was taken away…

… and we put new backdoor and frontdoor.

Even if the children were away during some time during summer...

…they were happy to take part when they returned home again.

When we had finished our work, it was really a big storage of the old house panel. That was covered 28 October. 1-2 hours later the snow came and stayed from then on and the whole winter.



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