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7/3 2019

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Our town - Härnösand - is situated on the coast of the Bothnian sea. Half of the town is situated on an island, half on the mainland. This is a view during summer of the center of the town. Mainland to the left. Island to the right. We live on the island, just outside the top right corner on this photo. In the community there are 25.000 inhabitants, and in the town around 16.000. Härnösand is situated around 450 kilometers north of Stockholm.
The house in spring 2006

This is our house during winter

21/6 2018
21/12 2018

So we have short days during winter but long days during summer.
We usually have around ½ - 1 meter of snow in our garden. It usually arrives in December and stays until the end of April.

15 December 2010, 11.00 AM. View from my workroom.

15 December 2010, 11.00 AM

15 December 2010:

It was beautiful winter weather with no wind and minus 15 degrees C.
At 11.00 AM the sun just rises over the hill and does not, at noon, reach over the roof of our neighbours’ house. The production of solar heat was on this day 0,33 kWh. So the solar panel is only of use producing hot water during summer.

15 December 2010, 11.00 AM, solar panel.
The house during summer.

On the other hand - in Summer, around midsummer, we can sit outdoors in the middle of the night reading a newspaper without any extra light! It then is hard to go to bed!

Midnight 22 June 2014

Our house during spring 2016.
The big black panel on the roof is producing electricity.
The smaller is producing warm water.

Move the cursor over the photos below and see what happens! Watch the trees!

Before and after shaping the trees in August 2016.

I shape the trees every year!

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