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30/12 2016

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These pages are about Tiiu´s mother - Helga Paldrok.

On 27 April 2013 the ashes of Helga was burried i Kvistental, Estonia. It was done on the property where she was born.
We do thank the present owners for all their help.

Helga passed away 26 October 2012.

On 27 april 2012 Grandma Helga celebrated her 96:th birthday!

Photos from birthday parties with her two daughters Tiiu and Siiri and all her Swedish relatives including 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. (Siiri came all the way from Canada for these events.)

On 27 april 2011 Grandma Helga celebrated her 95:th birthday!

(from a driver´s licence)

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