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Hi! I am Tiiu!
 My maiden name is Tiiu Paldrok and I was born in Tartu Estonia

My job outside home has been half time as laboratory technician at the laboratory of Härnösand hospital. 

Unfortunately I was hit by a cerebral stroke 9/1-96. Left side of the body is not of proper use. The arm and hand is of no use at all so a lot of my earlier interests cannot be performed. 
If I want to I really can achive something! How about the Simborgarmärket (a swim of 200 m), when I only have one arm and left leg has tendency to cramp!? 
During December 1997 to February 1998 I returned to my work part time during the day to see if it could work out to do some of the earlier work. Unfortunately it didn´t work, so from 1 August 1998 I have got pension prematurely. 

My interests has always been handicraft but now it is almost impossible.

We were two sisters and one brother

My brother was Eero Paldrok who passed away in April 2006.

My sister is Siiri Paldrok. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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