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Hi !
I am Claes

I have worked as a general practitioner/family doctor from 1 September 1972. I am a specialist in general medicine. From 1 December 2004 I am retired but I am still working in the medical field with things that I find interesting.

About the medical field:

  • I have been the administrative boss for the health care center Blåsippan from the start 1881 until 1995.
  • I started an office for contraceptive advise around 1973 and the same sort of office but only for teenagers a little later.
  • I have been the "Radio-doctor" during around 16 years in the channel of "Radio Västernorrland".
  • From 1 December 2004 I am retired although I after that have done work as a consulting medical doctor.
  • From 1 january 2001 I have worked as a consultant doctor on Internet for www.1177.se, which is an Internet site for medical information to the public, financed by all Swedish county councils. I have written several articles about gastro-intestinal disaeses. And I am one of the "ask-the doctor"-doctors and had answered 3 616 questions when I left this function 31/12 2014.
  • I have taken part in a project on primary health care in Arkhanglesk region.
  • I have been one of the members in the group of experts on gastrointestinal diseaes for our County concil, "Landstinget Västernorrland". I was also running the home page of that group and giving lectures to doctors and nurses on the subject.
  • I have from 1997 been writing articles in the local newspaper Journalen, with 10 numbers per year, covering Härnösand and Kramfors towns (around 50 000 inhabitants). All articles are about different medical topics. In December 2013 I made article nr 171,which was the last one when Journalen was closed down 31 December 2013.
  • I no longer work as a "stand in" at medical health care centers.

Other interests:

My wife, Tiiu, and I had a company called Medimanus AB, which: 

  • created manuscripts on medical topics for articles, video and multimedia. Also performed education for nurses and doctors. The topic was gastro-intestinal tract diseases. The educational programme was designed for doctors in Sweden, especially GP:s, by use of multimedia technique. A similar programme has been produced for pharmaceutical personel.
  • contruction of home pages
  • makes handicrafts
  • makes translations to and from Estonian language
  • performs wine tastings
  • has the intention to take up developement of progammes for computers.
  • Beeing one of the "ask-the-doctor doctors" on Internet portal 1177.se, which is the health portal of all the county concils in Sweden.

Medimanus was closed down in 2012.

I am one of the the founders, and have been the president during many years, of a section in Härnösand of Munskänkarna. Munskänkarna is the largest wine tasting society in the world. It has more than 12 000 members, of which 20 000 in Sweden, 500 in Finland, and a few hundreds spread all over the world. Munskänkarna's aim is to nourish the wine culture, spreads the knowledge of the wine, promotes sensible drinking habits and takes active part in the wine debate. 

I am a member of Härnösand Rotary Club since December 1979. Classification: Physician. I am a Paul Harris Fellow with twoe safires. I have twice been in Wajir, Kenya, as a volonteer for Rotary Doctor Bank, which is an organization sending physicians to remote places where there is lack of doctors. I have also been the chairman of the international committée of our Rotary district for many years. In March-April 1993 I was the team leader for a GSE-team to Australia. Since several years I am, in our Rotary club, the webmaster and the chairman of the Classification Committée. 

Beeing a grandfather is a great pleasure! As I am retired it is possible to be engaged in "The Wasp", a day care center with a sting! We have 6 wonderful grandchildren, 3 boys and 3 girls. As I have a good workshop two of the boys are freqent visitors to make wooden handicrafts.

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